Troop 2-BT - Fort Smith, AR
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Troop 2-BT - Fort Smith, AR

Posted on Monday, June 3, 2019...

Camp Orr 2019 Merit Badge List

Search and Rescue Merit Badge
Requires two periods and is an intensive look at the means and methods used by SAR teams across the nation.
This merit badge includes a visit with a member of a SAR team from our area, as well as practice rescues.

Radio Merit Badge
Offers Scouts the option of studying several types of radios and frequencies, and it may include a field trip to an actual radio station!

Archeology – All requirements may be completed at camp. Bring clothes that you are  comfortable getting dirty in.

Archery – Bring a copy of your local laws with you to camp to supplement requirement 1c.  Scouts must complete
shooting requirements to complete merit badge.

Art – Requirement 6 cannot be completed at camp.

Astronomy – Three evenings required to observe stars, weather permitting. Come prepared  with requirement 5b in order to complete the merit badge at camp (requires the use of the  internet).

Backpacking – Each Scout must provide his own backpack (not daypack), backpack stove,  backpack tent/tarp, and sleeping bag. Cannot complete requirements 8c, 10, 11b and 11c.

Basketry – All requirements can be met at camp. A kit will be available for purchase in the  Trading Post.  Camp Orr High Adventure Base 2018  Westark Area Council, BSA  17.

Bird Study – All requirements can be completed at camp. Kits will be provided for  requirement 8 (build bird feeder or bird house).

Bugling – For those that can already play a bugle or trumpet. This is not a teach you to play  class. Bring your brass instrument to camp. You may be asked to play at morning reveille or  taps. Cannot complete requirement 6 at camp

Camping – Requirements 4b and 8d must be completed before or after camp. Requirement  9a calls for 20 cumulative nights of camping, 6 of which will be completed by week end!

Canoeing – Daily two hour class. Must pass the BSA swimmer test. All requirements can  be met at camp

Chemistry – Cannot complete requirement 7 at camp. 7b can be done prior to camp to  complete the merit badge.

Chess – Evening class. Basic knowledge of tournament play is helpful.

Collections – Friday only class. All requirements can be met at camp! Bring your collection  to help satisfy requirements. Coin Collecting and Stamp Collecting do not apply. Bringing a collection is not a requirement.

Cooking – Daily two hour class open to all Scouts. Requirements 5c-5e must be completed  after camp. Requirement 7 must be completed before or after camp. If completed before,  proper documentation from merit badge counselor must be presented. There is a $15 fee for  this class.

Environmental Science – Daily two hour class open to all Scouts. Be sure to have pen and  paper for this class. All requirements can be completed at camp.

First Aid – Requirement 1 should be
completed prior to camp. Scouts need to
come  prepared with a first aid kit that they
have created at home.

Fishing – May need time outside of class
for #9. Fishing license required if 16
or  over; available on Arkansas Game and
Fish Commission website
(not  available at camp). Recommended that
each Scout have his own rod and reel.

Fish and Wildlife Management – All
requirements can be compled at camp. Be
sure to  have pen and paper for this class.

Forestry – Will require Friday afternoon
session with a forester. All requirements can
be  completed at camp.

Geocaching – Helpful if you can bring
your own GPS unit. Requirement 8 cannot
be  completed at camp.

Geology – All requirements can be
completed at camp.

Indian Lore – All requirements can be
completed at camp. A kit for requirement 3
will be  available in the trading post.

Insect Study – Can bring a scrapbook
in order to complete Requirement 4b,
but may also  use an electronic device for
documentation. Requirement 9 must be
completed prior to  (bring documentation)
or after camp.

Kayaking – Must be a swimmer. For older,
more experienced Scouts. All requirements
can  be completed at camp.

Leatherwork – All requirements can be
completed at camp. We will be making a
leather  knife holder for requirement 3. Kits
will need to be purchased in the trading

Life Saving – Daily two hour class open
to Scouts 13 years of age and up. For
requirement  7e Scout must have jeans with
a belt and a long-sleeved, button-up cotton
shirt.  Camp Orr High Adventure Base
2018  Westark Area Council, BSA  18 

Mammal Study – All requirements can be
completed at camp.

Nature – Scouts must come prepared to
hike and put the necessary time and effort
into this  merit badge.

Orienteering – All requirements can be
completed at camp. Compasses provided
but  beneficial if Scout has his own.

Pioneering – Daily two hour class open to all
Scouts. All requirements can be completed.

Rifle Shooting – Due to restrictions of
being on a National River, we are only able
to use  competition air rifles for this merit
badge. To complete the merit badge, Scouts
must qualify  with shooting requirements
(option B, req. j, k).

Rowing – For older, more experienced
Scouts. Must pass BSA swimmer test.
All  requirements can be completed at camp.

Shotgun Shooting – Daily 2-hour class open to
Scouts 13 years of age and over. 20 gage shotgun
used for this class. Be sure your Scouts are
physically capable of  handling a shotgun to
qualify for the shooting requirement. There
is a $20 fee for this class.

Soil and Water Conservation – All
requirements can be completed at camp.

Swimming – Must pass BSA swimmer
test. All requirements can be completed at
camp.  For requirement 4, Scouts must have
the following clothes: shoes, socks, swim
trunks, long  pants (cotton/blue jeans), belt
on pants, and cotton long-sleeved, buttonup shirt.

Weather – All requirements can be
completed at camp. Completing requirement
10 prior to  camp and presenting to the
counselor is best. 

Welding – All requirements can be
completed at camp except requirement 7;
research and  bring information to camp to
present to counselor. Required equipment
that each Scout  needs to bring to camp:
long sleeve cotton shirt, blue jeans, leather
boots, hat with no mesh  or foam. Must be
First Class Rank and be knowledgeable of
First Aid (recommended to  have First Aid
merit badge). There is a $15 fee for this class.

Wilderness Survival – Daily two hour
class open to all Scouts. Bring requirement 5
to  camp based on information in the merit
badge pamphlet. Participants will spend
Wednesday  night in shelters that they make
at camp.

Woodcarving – All requirements can
be completed at camp. Kits available
for  Requirements 6 & 7 in the trading post.
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