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Camp Orr High Adventure Base Leader's Guides Now Available



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Camp Orr High Adventure Base is  located south of Harrison, Arkansas. Camp Orr is the only BSA accredited High Adventure Base sheltered on all sides by the National Park Service. This insures a healthy biosphere of wildlife and vegetation, back yard access to scenic backpacking and float trips, awesome climbing opportunities, and a therapeutic isolation from the cares of the outside world. Nearly 600 acres of the scenic Buffalo National River Wilderness Area are available for long-term summer camping for Boy Scouts of all ages and abilities. 

Activity opportunities include backpacking, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing, shooting sports, swimming, and many others. Facilities include 520 person dining hall, trading post, platform tent campsites and shower facilities.

Camp Orr offers merit badge based summer camp experience, as well as opportunities to participate in our Climbing and Trekking programs. 

Buffalo Trail First Year Camper Program

While this program is often misconstrued as a Trail to First Class, we at Camp Orr feel that there is more that a new Scout needs in his first summer at camp. Scouts will find more of an emphasis on making the most of their camping opportunities, effective use of the patrol system and teamwork. In the end, they will have completed many of the requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. However, they will not feel like they just walked down the list of requirements, pushing through to get them done. The Scouts will also complete the requirements for the Totin’ Chip and the Firem’n Chit by the end of the week. This program is held in the each morning, 9am-12noon. The Scouts should have the opportunity to select from several merit badges to work on in the afternoon and make use of Instructional Swim if needed. . They will also have the opportunity to participate in the evening activities.

Merit Badge Program

Camp Orr offers a variety of challenging merit badges to Scouts of all ages in the areas of Aquatics, Shooting Sports, Ecology, Handicraft.  The Buffalo River Wilderness Company (BWRC) is a special program area where Backpacking, Orienteering, Wilderness Survival, Geocaching, Pioneering, Fishing, First Aid, and Emergency Preparedness are taught. 

STEM and Nova @ Camp

STEM is part of an initiative the Boy Scouts of America has taken on to encourage the natural curiosity of youth members and their sense of wonder about these fields through existing programs. From archery to welding, Scouts can't help but enjoy the wide range of STEM-related activities. To support this initiative, the BSA developed the Nova Awards program so that youth members have fun and receive recognition for their efforts.

At Camp Orr we offer many different merit badges that help fulfill requirements for the Nova and Super-Nova Awards.  STEM-related merit badges offered are Archery, Astronomy, Bird Study, Canoeing, Environmental Science, Fish and Wildlife Management, Forestry, Geocaching, Geology, Mammal Study, Nature, Orienteering, Reptile and Amphibian Study, Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Soil and Water Conservation,  Weather, and Welding.

High Adventure Programs 

The Climbing / Repelling Program is one of the most exciting and adventurous programs Camp Orr offers. We require that Scouts have completed the 8th grade or be at least 13 ½ years of age to participate in this program. After completing this weeklong program successfully, Scouts will acquire the Climbing Merit Badge.

Participants begin by learning basic first-aid associated with climbing, knot tying, gear and apparel, belaying techniques and skills to Orr’s forty-foot high climbing tower where they will learn and practice basic climbing and belaying techniques under the leadership of some of Northwest Arkansas’s best climbers. After getting their hands wet on the tower, they dive deep into the natural bluffs of the Ozark Mountains. At Horseshoe Canyon Ranch (HCR), they experience some of the best climbing routes in Arkansas and arguably, the Midwest. Natural sites in and around Camp Orr also provide high quality climbing and repelling ranging in difficulty from 5.5 (easy) to 5.10a (high moderate)

Ninety percent of your time is spent learning the movements and techniques specific to climbing natural Arkansas limestone. Participants in the Climbing Program stay each night at Camp Orr but venture out to different sites during the day. 

Trekking Options

 Hiking the Buffalo River Trail

 The Buffalo River Trails are some of the most beautiful in the country, running along the Buffalo River’s banks, through historic sites preserved for all to see, along bluffs overlooking the river in all its beauty.  For those who want a beautiful but challenging experience, this is perfect;  the terrain is challenging, with lots of uphill, and rarely a flat place, but it is worth the uphill to be able to overlook miles of the river, winding its way through the mountains, walled by ancient and giant bluffs.  We will supply you with meals and an experienced guide.

Extreme Trek: This trek is the most physically and mentally challenging of all of the treks as the goal is to earn the 50 miler award during the five days on the trail.  Crews carry all equipment, food and water and re-supply along the trail is not planned.  This Trek will use one of the regular treks and add extra miles in order to achieve 50 miles.

Regular Treks:  The physical and mental demands of the three regular treks are somewhat less than the Extreme Trek as the goal is to cover 32 to 40 miles during the five days on the trail.  The regular treks are (1) hike the Buffalo River Trail from the Boxley Trailhead to the Pruitt Trailhead (40.60 miles), (2) hike the Buffalo River Trail from the Pruitt Trailhead to the Boxley Trailhead (40.6 miles), or (3) hike the northwest loop of trails and the Erbe loop of trails (32.0 miles).

Canoe Trek: This trek lets you see and enjoy the Buffalo River from the seat of a canoe.  You’ll see the Ozark Mountains in all their majesty and beauty all while experiencing the clarity, beauty and relaxation while floating the Buffalo River.  We will supply you with PFD’s which meet all BSA safety requirements, paddles, meals, an experienced guide, and transportation to and from drop-off and pick-up points.  

Combination Trek: This trek takes the best of both and puts it together to let you see the Buffalo River from two perspectives; from the tops of the bluffs to the seat of a canoe.  You’ll see the Ozark Mountains in all their majesty and beauty and their challenge while backpacking for three days followed by two days of experiencing the clarity, beauty and relaxation while floating the Buffalo River (39.60 miles).

Special Programs

Camp Orr provide many exciting special activities and programs that are fun for Scouts and Scouters alike.  Your week will include campfire programs, a Dutch oven cook-off, ice cream social, Hollerin' Holler, and the infamous "Legend of Smokey Joe."  There are also many trainings and recreational opportunities available to the adult leaders.  

Summer Camp at Camp Orr High Adventure Base is an unforgettable experience.  For Leader's Guides and to learn more about Camp Orr and its offerings, please click this link.  http://www.westarkbsa.or

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