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Mar 10, 2017
Spring 2017 Online Only Popcorn Sale Begins

2017 Spring Online Only Popcorn Sale


Thank you for taking part in our fall take-order popcorn sale.  In an effort to provide units with a spring fundraising opportunity, we are offering an ONLINE ONLY spring popcorn sale.

The advantages of this online only sale are that it is quick & easy with:  No Product Delivery, No Money Collection, Special Online Sales Product Mix, Minimal Time Commitment, Scouts Earn Amazon Gift Cards (5% for every dollar sold over $300) AND  Units earn 50%commission!

 How does your unit participate?

February Roundtable                    Make your Unit Commitment to sell (or click the llink to download a commitment form)

March Roundtable                         Attend the District Popcorn Sale Kick-Off Meeting        

By March 10                                     Conduct your Unit Popcorn Sale Kick-Off

March 10                                          Popcorn Sale Begins 

April 30                                             Sale Ends



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